Most business people are aware of the principal risks facing them, such as competition, regulation and economic conditions.

It may not, however, be quite as clear that there are risks inherent to the business that can pose an equal – perhaps even greater – threat than these ‘external’ factors.

In particular, the company could be disrupted by:

  • The loss of a partner or shareholding director through death or long-term illness – control of the business could become confused if beneficiaries or personal representatives do not share the vision of the other principals;
  • The loss of a key individual through death or long-term illness – this could result in disruption to important processes or sales, or even shake clients’, suppliers’ or bankers’ confidence in the business.

Every business faces threats of this nature and we can undertake a full review of your operations in order to establish where the ‘critical’ points are and estimate the potential financial impact. We can then go on to recommend suitable protection to help ensure that the financial impact of unforeseen events is less harmful to the business.

Businesses generally do not forget to insure their liabilities and property, but they often forget to insure the people sitting behind the desk without whom nothing would happen!!!

Executive remuneration and Employee benefits
Some threats, such as valuable employees leaving to join a competitor, cannot be insured against. However, we can assist in building an employee benefit strategy that aims to minimise the potential for key individuals to wish to move on.

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