M&N arranges motor insurance for all types of cars and commercial vehicles and have many types of contracts at our disposal.
If you would like us to arrange cover for a Commercial fleet we will need the claims appropriate experience if appropriate.

High Net Worth Car Insurance
When you insure your home with one of our High Net Worth Insurers for cars typically worth more than £30,000, you can also choose motor cover and service unlike any other available on the market. These bespoke policies are simply not comparable to the mainstream motor market.

Agreed insured value
Most insurers settle total loss and theft claims based on the market value of your vehicle at the time of loss. Our High Net Worth Insurer provides "agreed value" cover, so the value of your car is locked in for the entire policy term. If you need to make a claim to replace your vehicle, you'll receive 100% of the value we agreed whether it's Day 1 or Day 365 of the policy.


Courtesy cars suitable for your needs

If your repairer doesn't provide a courtesy car, or the one they provide is unsatisfactory to you, some of our high net worth insurers  will provide up to £4,000 for you to rent a car of a similar specification to your own.

Automatic comprehensive cover on borrowed vehicles

Most other insurers only provide third party cover when you borrow another vehicle. With some of our insurers, you and other named drivers enjoy fully comprehensive cover on any vehicle you rent or borrow. And anyone driving your insured car is fully covered.

You choose the most suitable repairer

Most insurers stipulate where your vehicle should be repaired a goodd High Net Worth Insurer allows you to select the most suitable garage or dealer, or  they can help you select one from their approved repairer network and  they will  guarantee you original manufacturer's parts.

Some other benefits offered by High Net Worth Insurers

  • No penalty for "no fault" claims. A good High Net Worth Insurer will not increase your premium or count a loss against you when the loss isn't your fault, for instance, due to vandalism or if your car is hit when parked - even if we can't make a full recovery against the party at fault.
  • £75,000 legal expense cover for solicitor's fees when pursuing a claim for personal injury or uninsured losses.
  • Free breakdown cover for the UK and Continental Europe for you and your family when driving any car.
  • Child car seats replaced. After an accident they will replace the seats, even if there's no visible sign of damage.
  • No deduction for wear and tear. If parts, such as tyres, are part-worn prior to an accident, most insurers ask you to contribute to their replacement. However, some High Net Worth Insurers will replace parts without cost to you.
  • Unlimited audio/stereo cover. Cover is available for your stereo for the full replacement cost, whereas most insurers will limit a loss payment to £250.

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